Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More 'isms! :-)

CJ and I were arguing over whether or not they need a sweater:
CJ - No, it's going to be warm today.
Me - No, you need a sweater. You are always cold.
Daddy - Yes, you need a sweater, it's gotten colder now.
Kai - Yeah, all the heat has gone to China!
Me and Daddy - WHAT???? :-)

Kai noticed nana's haircut and asked her - "what number did the lady use?"...(the boys are a number three clipper) :-)

Out for lunch with Nana and the boys. The waitress says "Would you like a Chinese calendar?" CJ says, "No thanks, we are Canadian!" :-)

Has one excited soon to be 8yr old (CJ) waiting to celebrate his birthday this afternoon with some of his friends. He came out of his room dressed for his birthday wearing jeans, t-shirt, and a jean jacket. And proclaimed, "I bet I look cool!"

Greg was at the table eating something, Kai looks at him and says, "Hey, big guy, slow down!" hahahaha

We went to see the movie Courageous! at Westminster Park. Great movie and even some very funny parts. I also loved how excited CJ was talking to Curtis about beyblades....especially when it was time to go for their movie (Dolphin-tale) and CJ looks at Curtis and says, "come on, we'll finish this when we get there!" :-)

Off to a Beyblade tournament....yep you read that correctly! Cause I am cool like that! CJ signed up to participate in the Beyblade tournament at Toys R Us. He doesn't do well participating in things and well, typically always backs out. Say a little prayer he will participate...he has been sooooo looking forward to this! - Update: He did it! He participated without hesitation. He was completing against a 13 yr old and he won one of the three, he didn't proceed to the next round but who cares! He did it! So proud of him!

CJ gets in the car after school, daddy turns on the radio and CJ declares that he isn't voting for Dalton McGuinty....when asked why? He stated - "Because he loses jobs and raises taxes!" When asked, well who are you voting for then? CJ replies - "Well NOT Dalton McGuinty!" ( :-) The power of advertising! )

I wonder why Kai is going around saying, "Wanna see my armpit?" What a kid!

Kai is full of it today. Kai just looked at a picture of Celine Dion and said, "That's Justin Bieber's mom!" :-) What am I going to do with him! Hahaha

Just heard from the bathroom after CJ flushes...."Agh! That was freaky!" :-)

We had guests over and CJ offered to do the detour! :-) (He meant a tour of our house)....hahahaha

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