Thursday, March 29, 2012

House Building

In the midst of everything else that happened last year we were also building a house. In May, one Sunday afternoon, Greg and I were on our way to Wal-Mart and I suggested we stop and look at the model homes. I exclaimed - "WE ARE NOT BUYING!! This is just for fun!" Well within the week we had signed on the dotted line and our current home was on the market.

We limited our search to a certain area of the city primarily so that mom was still close to dad at the nursing home, not realizing that by the time it would be necessary to move it would no longer be a factor.

The house build was progressing nicely, however, our house wasn't selling. We had lots of interest, but no follow through. It was getting a little bit stressful. After five months, we had an offer, but they wanted/needed a 30 day close. I contacted the builder and the builder needed 45 days to finish the house. We took the offer anyway and within a matter of days we went from owning two homes to being homeless for two weeks! :-)
Then the planning began, where/how do we store our furniture/belongings? Where can we stay during this time. We shipped mom and Oscar off the stay with Shawna in Kitchener, if it wasn't school time I would've went there with the boys as well. But great friends of ours gladly took us in. We are forever grateful to Jeff and Gerri, they opened their home without any hesitation and let us invade on them for as long as we needed. The house was finished and on October 11th we got possession.
The above pictures are:
Left - Me and the boys the day we signed on the dotted line
Middle - The house in progress
Right - The house mostly finished
The pictures below are:
Left - The upstairs Family Room, also known as the play room
Middle - Our kitchen
Right - The main floor family/adult area
We moved in, got settled, the boys switched schools, and I am happy to say I AM NOT MOVING ANYMORE! :-) We love the house and it was the right decision, the boys have the much needed space for themselves that we were looking for and mom's layout in the basement I think is much better as well.

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